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Control Applications

ProtoLink® develops applications to run in Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs), Remote Telemetry Units (RTUs), or other intelligent devices.  This equipment is typically found in manufacturing plants or oil & gas fields.

ProtoLink personnel have programmed a number of PLC and PAC brands, including Allen-Bradley, TI/Siemens, Modicon, GE, Koyo, and Control Microsystems.   We also develop embedded code to run in other intelligent devices, such as GPS-based locator systems, infusion pumps, and stand-alone protocol converters.

Click on the links below to see example projects:

Automatic Well Test System
ProtoLink developed a comprehensive SCADA system to enable a major oil company to monitor and control production and well testing.

Packaging Loop Balance
ProtoLink developed a control system to optimally route potato chips through the conveyor network of a large food processing plant.

Extrusion Coater Control
ProtoLink developed machine control and operator interface software for a patented extrusion coating machine used by semiconductor and flat-panel display manufacturers.

GPS Locator System
ProtoLink built the prototype of a satellite-assisted pet location device for a client needing to reduce intellectual property to practice during the patenting process.

Fluid Transfer Automation Objects
ProtoLink developed a suite of paired PLC and ArchestrA objects that allow a major oil production company to rapidly place fluid transfer automation equipment into operation.

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