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Software Services for Control Systems Engineers

Control systems engineers (CSEs) are individuals responsible for maintaining and continually improving automated processes within manufacturing plants, oil & gas fields, lumber mills, etc.

Since 1992, CSEs have turned to ProtoLink® to provide software integration and development assistance beyond what is available from traditional systems integrators.   Our staff is comprised of degreed electrical, mechanical, and computer engineers who are experts in developing advanced software for the Microsoft platform.

This unique combination of skills offers three primary advantages over traditional systems integrators:

1. Our Windows, web, and database development expertise leaves us ideally suited to integrate valuable process monitoring and reporting products, such as:

  • Wonderware InTouch
  • Wonderware Historian
  • Wonderware ActiveFactory
  • SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS)
  • Crystal Reports
  • ActiveReports
  • VisiBit

2. We are uniquely positioned to exploit the capabilities of Wonderware's ArchestrA-based System Platform, because it ties together the two worlds we operate in everyday, namely .NET development and control systems integration.

3. If necessary, we can develop custom software to supplement off-the-shelf packages.  For example, we have developed the following types of applications in response to requests from control systems engineers:

  • OPC Servers
  • Statistical analysis routines
  • Simulators
  • ActiveX controls
  • Client/Server applications for configuration and reporting
  • Web applications for configuration and reporting
  • Middleware for interfacing control systems to business systems
  • Windows services for buffering database-bound process data

Like traditional integrators, we offer HMI and PLC/PAC programming services, although we believe our extensive software development experience produces more structured and maintainable results.

Click on the links below to see example projects:

Underbalanced and Managed Pressure Drilling
ProtoLink developed data acquisition and control software for underbalanced and managed pressure drilling operations.

Water Utilities SCADA System
ProtoLink developed a city-wide water utilities SCADA system using Wonderware's System Platform.

Packaging Weight Verification System
ProtoLink developed a weight compliance system to monitor and optimize the performance of statistical weighers utilized in the packaging rooms of a major snack food manufacturer.

Automatic Well Test System
ProtoLink developed a comprehensive SCADA system to enable a major oil company to monitor and control production and well testing.

Packaging Loop Balance
ProtoLink developed a control system to optimally route potato chips through the conveyor network of a large food processing plant.

Oilfield Production Management
ProtoLink developed a web application that supports the validation, modification, and reporting of oilfield test and production data.

Municipal Water SCADA System
ProtoLink developed a SCADA system to accommodate a mid-sized American city's current and future needs for monitoring and storing water utilities data.

Event Detection System
ProtoLink developed a Windows application that detects abnormal drilling events by looking for matches to pre-defined signatures comprised of specified parameter behaviors.

Fluid Transfer Automation Objects
ProtoLink developed a suite of paired PLC and ArchestrA objects that allow a major oil production company to rapidly place fluid transfer automation equipment into operation.

Well Test Control Objects
ProtoLink developed ArchestrA templates for the Wonderware System Platform to accommodate a customer's need for standardized control of their well test equipment.

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