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Windows Applications

ProtoLink® develops custom Windows applications when off-the-shelf solutions are not available to suit the needs of our clients.  We implement these applications using the C# or C++ programming language.

With vast experience in .NET development, ProtoLink engineers are able to exploit the advanced features of the Windows platform, including multithreading, 3D graphics, multimedia progamming, network programming, and interprocess communication, the latter two of which are sometimes accomplished using Windows Communication Foundataion (WCF).  We develop both Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) and Windows Forms (WinForms) applications.

Click on the links below to see example projects:

Graphical Function Block Programming Tool
ProtoLink developed a graphical function block programming environment for gas flow meters and related devices.

Managed Pressure Drilling Setpoint Determination
ProtoLink developed a real-time calculation engine and associated user interface to determine an appropriate wellhead pressure setpoint for use in a managed pressure drilling control system.

Downhole Acoustic Telemetry
ProtoLink developed software to configure, monitor, and command downhole tools. Communication is accomplished directly via RS-232 while on the surface or acoustically while downhole.

Seismic Modeling
ProtoLink developed interactive seismic modeling software for use in an instructional setting.

ProtoLink transformed a client's idea into a shrink-wrapped data mining and visualization product that represents a unique solution to a very real problem.

Lumber Trimmer Optimization
ProtoLink developed process control and visualization software for a leading provider of optimization solutions for the lumber production industry.

Statistical Weigher Simulator
ProtoLink developed a software application to simulate the performance and network behavior of statistical weighers used in food processing plants.

Mobile Phone Configuration
ProtoLink developed an application that locates existing Internet, e-mail and corporate access configuration information on a PC and transfers it to a mobile phone.

Pocket PC-based Pulse Oximeter Programming Tool
ProtoLink developed an application for the Pocket PC that allows a manufacturer of pulse oximeters to update the flash memory in their devices

Laser Sintering Machine Control
ProtoLink helped a company that manufactures laser sintering rapid prototyping machines port a suite of UNIX applications to the Windows platform.

Video Cast and Video Mail
ProtoLink was contracted to analyze and fix problems with the video broadcasting and video e-mail software components of an internet appliance set-top box.

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