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Data Collection Applications

ProtoLink® develops data collection applications in order to retrieve data from intelligent devices and log it to real-time or historical databases.  We implement these types of applications as Windows Services using either the C++ or C# programming language and include extensive event logging for diagnostic purposes.

Click on the links below to see example projects:

Downhole Acoustic Telemetry
ProtoLink developed software to configure, monitor, and command downhole tools. Communication is accomplished directly via RS-232 while on the surface or acoustically while downhole.

Underbalanced and Managed Pressure Drilling
ProtoLink developed data acquisition and control software for underbalanced and managed pressure drilling operations.

GPS Locator System
ProtoLink built the prototype of a satellite-assisted pet location device for a client needing to reduce intellectual property to practice during the patenting process.

Packaging Machine Monitor
ProtoLink developed a data collection and reporting system for the purpose of monitoring the performance of high-speed packaging-machines used in food processing plants.

Wireless Infusion Pump Data Server
ProtoLink developed a system to collect, store, and display status information transmitted by infusion pumps within a medical facility.

Natural Gas Volume Correction
ProtoLink developed an application which communicates with gas flow meters using the Modbus protocol for the purposes of calibration, real-time data monitoring, configuration management, and historical report generation.

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