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Database Applications

ProtoLink® has significant experience with general purpose relational database products, such as Microsoft SQL Server and Oracle, as well as with real-time databases such as the Wonderware Historian.   Our database knowledge extends from schema design and stored-procedure implementation to maintenance and reporting.   With regard to the latter, we maintain significant experience with popular reporting tools, such as SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS), Crystal Reports, ActiveReports, and ActiveFactory.

Click on the links below to see example projects:

Wireless Infusion Pump Data Server
ProtoLink developed a system to collect, store, and display status information transmitted by infusion pumps within a medical facility.

Oilfield Production Management
ProtoLink developed a web application that supports the validation, modification, and reporting of oilfield test and production data.

Natural Gas Measurement Data Browser
ProtoLink developed a pair of data-driven web applications to present gas measurement data retrieved from relational databases and OPC servers through a browser interface.

Packaging Machine Monitor
ProtoLink developed a data collection and reporting system for the purpose of monitoring the performance of high-speed packaging-machines used in food processing plants.

Web-based Smart Pump Configuration Management
ProtoLink developed software to manage the wireless distribution of drug libraries to smart infusion pumps within a medical facility.

Barcode Label Generator
ProtoLink developed an application that allows authorized clinicians to create barcode labels that can be read by a smart infusion pump.

Database Migration
ProtoLink utilized OLE DB to expand the data access capabilities of a natural gas custody transfer application and enabled automatic migration of its data from Microsoft Access to Microsoft SQL Server.

Service Provider Directory
ProtoLink contributed a web-based service provider directory to a consumer oriented e-business.

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