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Software Development Services for Electronic Device Manufacturers

Electronic device manufacturers (EDMs) are organizations that produce neatly packaged, microprocessor-based devices in relatively large volumes.  Examples include gas flow meters, medical infusion pumps, pulse oximeters, and mobile phones.

Since 1992, EDMs have relied on ProtoLink® to develop Windows and Web applications that integrate with and enhance the value of their products.  These applications typically deal with one or more of the following device-related functions:

  • Configuration
  • Calibration
  • Monitoring
  • Data collection and logging
  • Data presentation and reporting
  • Diagnostics and troubleshooting
  • Synchronization

We also develop OPC Servers which allow devices to interoperate with a large number of existing industrial-automation applications.

Click on the links below to see example projects:

Graphical Function Block Programming Tool
ProtoLink developed a graphical function block programming environment for gas flow meters and related devices.

Wireless Infusion Pump Data Server
ProtoLink developed a system to collect, store, and display status information transmitted by infusion pumps within a medical facility.

Downhole Acoustic Telemetry
ProtoLink developed software to configure, monitor, and command downhole tools. Communication is accomplished directly via RS-232 while on the surface or acoustically while downhole.

Pocket PC-based Pulse Oximeter Programming Tool
ProtoLink developed an application for the Pocket PC that allows a manufacturer of pulse oximeters to update the flash memory in their devices

Pressure-Controlled Valve Tool Configuration
ProtoLink developed software to configure a pressure-controlled valve tool.

Mobile Phone Configuration
ProtoLink developed an application that locates existing Internet, e-mail and corporate access configuration information on a PC and transfers it to a mobile phone.

Web-based Smart Pump Configuration Management
ProtoLink developed software to manage the wireless distribution of drug libraries to smart infusion pumps within a medical facility.

Natural Gas Measurement Data Browser
ProtoLink developed a pair of data-driven web applications to present gas measurement data retrieved from relational databases and OPC servers through a browser interface.

Natural Gas Volume Correction
ProtoLink developed an application which communicates with gas flow meters using the Modbus protocol for the purposes of calibration, real-time data monitoring, configuration management, and historical report generation.

ABB Totalflow
ProtoLink developed an OPC server capable of supporting installations containing thousands of ABB Totalflow measurement devices.

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