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HMI/SCADA Applications

ProtoLink® develops HMI/SCADA applications using Wonderware products such as InTouch and the ArchestrA-based System Platform.  Our philosophy with regard to HMI/SCADA development centers around the notion of structure.  This manifests itself in both the user interface and the underlying implementation.  With regard to the graphical interface, we produce clean, crisp, attractive screens.  We steer clear of busy, cartoonish, and sluggish displays that serve more to satisfy the designer's need to dabble than to help operators control processes.  Our approach leads to more intuitive, useable applications.

The concept of structure holds forth behind the user interface as well, where we practice intelligent tag-naming conventions, strive for modularity and reuse, and thoroughly document all code.   These actions lead to more maintainable applications.

Perhaps the most valuable asset ProtoLink brings to HMI/SCADA development derives from our experience and the overall expertise of our company.  Our thorough knowledge of the hardware and software typically associated with HMI/SCADA applications, such as control equipment, I/O servers, databases, and custom software components, allows us to design and implement more effective systems.

Click on the links below to see example projects:

Water Utilities SCADA System
ProtoLink developed a city-wide water utilities SCADA system using Wonderware's System Platform.

Automatic Well Test System
ProtoLink developed a comprehensive SCADA system to enable a major oil company to monitor and control production and well testing.

Packaging Loop Balance
ProtoLink developed a control system to optimally route potato chips through the conveyor network of a large food processing plant.

Municipal Water SCADA System
ProtoLink developed a SCADA system to accommodate a mid-sized American city's current and future needs for monitoring and storing water utilities data.

Pipeline Telemetry System
ProtoLink implemented a SCADA system to detect flow rate discrepancies between each end of a pipeline located on the eastern shore of the Caspian Sea.

Offshore Oil Platform Automation
ProtoLink implemented SCADA systems that allow personnel on offshore platforms to remotely control operations on unmanned platforms.

Well Test Control Objects
ProtoLink developed ArchestrA templates for the Wonderware System Platform to accommodate a customer's need for standardized control of their well test equipment.

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