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I/O Server Applications

ProtoLink® develops I/O servers for the purpose of collecting data from intelligent devices and sending configuration or command information to these same devices.  These I/O servers expose this functionality to industrial automation and HMI/SCADA client applications via standard OPC interoperability protocols.

ProtoLink drivers typically support scheduled and interval polling, unsolicited message handling, poll groups, multi-level priority queuing, and demand polling of both individual devices and entire poll groups.  They also typically provide a Windows Explorer-like user interface that supports run-time browsing of timestamped data values, communication statistics, and polling status histories.  ProtoLink drivers make efficient use of multithreading and provide for the display of diagnostic messages in either ASCII or Hexadecimal format.

Click on the links below to see example I/O servers:

Ishida OPC Server
ProtoLink developed a DDE/SuiteLink server to exchange data with Ishida statistical weighers located on one or more ARCnet or Ethernet networks.

ABB Totalflow
ProtoLink developed an OPC server capable of supporting installations containing thousands of ABB Totalflow measurement devices.

DDE to OPC Gateway
ProtoLink developed a DDE to OPC gateway to allow one or more OPC clients to have access to data provided by one or more DDE servers.

Tano Aquatrol W1500
ProtoLink developed a DDE server for polled and quiescent mode communications with the Tano Aquatrol W1500 RTU.

Tesco Liquitronic 4/5
ProtoLink developed a DDE server for polled and quiescent mode communications with Tesco Liquitronic 4 and Liquitronic 5 programmable controllers.

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