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Software Development Services for Machine Builders

Machine builders (MBs) are organizations that build automated machinery from off-the-shelf hardware.  These electromechanical machines are manually produced in small volume and are typically customized for each of the MB's customers.  Examples include machines that apply chemical coatings to silicon wafers, machines that trim lumber in an optimal fashion, and machines that dispense proper quantities of potato chips into waiting bags.

Since 1992, MBs have turned to ProtoLink® for assistance with software development.  We deliver high performance, high availability Windows and web applications and provide PLC/PAC and HMI programming services to address the entire range of application requirements put forth by machine builders:

Control Software
  • Motion control
  • I/O operations
  • Alarm detection
  • Robot configuration/programming
  • Optimization algorithms
Communication Software
  • Interface to host software or external systems
  • Inter-subsystem communication
  • Alarm/event notification
  • OPC servers
Operator Interface Software for:
  • Machine configuration
  • Machine calibration
  • Creation/editing of sequences or recipes
  • Manual operation
  • Production and quality control reports
  • Monitoring
  • Subsystem testing
  • Diagnostic information
Simulation Software to:
  • Study machine behavior in larger systems

Click on the links below to see example projects:

Lumber Trimmer Optimization
ProtoLink developed process control and visualization software for a leading provider of optimization solutions for the lumber production industry.

Extrusion Coater Control
ProtoLink developed machine control and operator interface software for a patented extrusion coating machine used by semiconductor and flat-panel display manufacturers.

Laser Sintering Machine Control
ProtoLink helped a company that manufactures laser sintering rapid prototyping machines port a suite of UNIX applications to the Windows platform.

Packaging Machine Monitor
ProtoLink developed a data collection and reporting system for the purpose of monitoring the performance of high-speed packaging-machines used in food processing plants.

Ishida OPC Server
ProtoLink developed a DDE/SuiteLink server to exchange data with Ishida statistical weighers located on one or more ARCnet or Ethernet networks.

Statistical Weigher Simulator
ProtoLink developed a software application to simulate the performance and network behavior of statistical weighers used in food processing plants.

Managed Pressure Drilling Setpoint Determination
ProtoLink developed a real-time calculation engine and associated user interface to determine an appropriate wellhead pressure setpoint for use in a managed pressure drilling control system.

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