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Other Projects

Click on any of the links below to see detailed descriptions of other ProtoLink projects.

Natural Gas Measurement Data Browser
Oilfield Production Management
Web-based Smart Pump Configuration Management
Packaging Machine Monitor
Managed Pressure Drilling Setpoint Determination
Ishida OPC Server
ABB Totalflow
Seismic Modeling
DDE to OPC Gateway
Municipal Water SCADA System
Tano Aquatrol W1500
Fluid Transfer Automation Objects
Multilingual Website Implementation
Pipeline Telemetry System
Tesco Liquitronic 4/5
Barcode Label Generator
Mobile Phone Schedule Download
Statistical Weigher Simulator
Offshore Oil Platform Automation
Natural Gas Volume Correction
Well Test Control Objects
Mobile Phone Configuration
Database Migration
Pocket PC-based Pulse Oximeter Programming Tool
Service Provider Directory
Laser Sintering Machine Control
Video Cast and Video Mail
SAP Report Generation Tool
Well Database Access Wrapper
Pressure-Controlled Valve Tool Configuration
Pump Configuration Editor
Event Detection System
Animated Plunger Lift User Interface
Rig Site Historian OPC Server
Municipal Water Department Reports
.NET User Control for Network Provisioning Application
Demo Wonderware InTouch App for Modbus RTU
Sequential Function Chart Process Documentation
Transaction Server System
XML-based Import/Export Utility
Mobile Phone Outlook Extension
PBX Configuration via IP
ActiveX PNG Viewer
Signature Technologies SAMengine
Click-N-Dial Web Feature
Infusion Pump Configuration
Packaging Room Management
DF1 Robot Interface
InTouch Real-Time Database Wrapper
Siemens 8635 Data Logging
Bi-directional Alarm Notification
DDE to Serial Gateway
Kimray CQ-120
Tano Model 105
Extrusion Coater Recipe Management
AGA Configuration for Gas Flow Meters
Modbus Slave Emulator
Well Management System Executive
Windows DDE Display Engine
Dynagraph Display

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