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About ProtoLink

ProtoLink® was founded in 1992 on the premise that many software applications are best developed by individuals with engineering backgrounds. The problem with this idea, however, is that engineers have rightly earned a reputation for being poor software developers prone to producing “spaghetti code” with little or no structure. Undaunted, we set out to build a company comprised of that rare breed of individual who combines advanced software development expertise with a degree in electrical, mechanical, or computer engineering.

While this approach can sometimes make hiring difficult, the benefits have been numerous.  Our unique combination of skills has led us to many interesting projects across a wide range of vertical industries.  While the diverstity of these industries sometimes makes it challenging to explain what we do, most of our projects have involved providing software development and integration services to the following:

Our contributions have ranged from handling all software tasks on particular projects to supplementing the efforts of skilled in-house development teams.

ProtoLink engineers understand the benefits of thorough source code documentation, open lines of communication, and life-long learning.  These traits, coupled with significant expertise in application architecture and database design, allow us to repeatedly deliver successful results on complex projects.  We have consistently accomplished these successful outcomes by adhering to a disciplined development process that encourages, but does not require, involvement from the client throughout the duration of the project.  Click here for a few more of our keys to success.

Our corporate philosophy centers on one simple idea: our existing customers should be our best salespeople.  A significant aspect of this philosophy involves our means of acquiring business.  We will never be an organization that relies on slick salesmen with large entertainment budgets to win converts.  We believe that the results of our previous projects represent our greatest sales tool and, as such, we rely heavily on word-of-mouth referrals from existing customers as our primary source of new business.  Consequently, we place great importance on maintaining customer satisfaction and enhancing our reputation as a provider of quality software development services.  We encourage all prospective clients to speak with our previous customers.

We would welcome an opportunity to add your organization to the list of ProtoLink's best salespeople - our customers.

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