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Pocket PC-based Pulse Oximeter Programming Tool

ProtoLink developed an application for the Pocket PC that allows a manufacturer of pulse oximeters to communicate with their devices.  While the primary purpose of the application is to update the software stored in the flash memory of the devices, it is also capable of retrieving version information, erasing the flash memory without reprogramming, and reading and writing calibration values.  An RS-232 cable provides the connection between the Pocket PC and the target device.

Because the device manufacturer regularly introduces new products, ProtoLink personnel devised an extensible architecture that easily accommodates new device types and communication protocols.

In addition to the Pocket PC version of the application, the customer also desired to have a version capable of running on a Windows-based desktop computer.  In order to simplify the process of porting the application between the two platforms and to ensure consistent functionality, a large percentage of the code is contained in classes that are shared between the two projects.  In general, the only classes that are unique to an individual application are those that are related to the user interface.

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