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Event Detection System

ProtoLink developed a stand-alone Microsoft Windows application that detects abnormal drilling events by looking for matches to pre-defined signatures. A signature is a collection of parameter behaviors. Hence, the system will declare an event to be happening when all of the parameters which comprise its signature are behaving as specified in the signature.

As stated above, a signature is a collection of parameter behaviors. The event detection application supports two types of parameters: numeric and option. A numeric parameter refers to an input, or a pair of arithmetically combined inputs, which may optionally be pre-processed and/or conditioned. An option parameter refers to an enumerated input.

The customer's proprietary real-time rig site historian represents the sole provider of input data to the system.

One or more behavior algorithms may be applied to each parameter. Each algorithm will produce a parameter behavior code from among a set of possibilities to indicate how the parameter is behaving. Supported behavior algorithms include: comparator, range, trend, and equality. Numeric parameters support the first three behavior algorithms listed above, while option parameters support only the equality algorithm.

To provide extensibility, ProtoLink developed a unique algorithm API and XML object serialization mechanism which implements run-time type selection and binding. This feature allows event configurations to use add-on algorithms for pre-processing, conditioning, behavior detection and trend analysis without the need to change the base application.

Just as the rig site historian represents the sole source of input data to the application, it also serves as the sole destination for data which is output by the application.

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